MI Exclusive: Two occasions and one dream, Inter is starting to put its traps on the market


Waiting for a signal by Suning, the couple Ausilio-Sabatini is already working

This summer we always talked about how Spalletti and Sabatini pointed with decision the Latium jewels. Milinkovic-Savic over all. It is not a mystery anymore that the offer of 40 millions which has been sent to the agent of the player has been rejected by Lotito. Inter is always keeping an eye on the situation because it is convinced that Sergej could be the “new Stankovic”. Meanwhile the Milanese company will have to understand what it will be of its firepower on the market to respond to the offensives of the big clubs.

In this sense Walter and Piero are already working on two very attractive slopes, zeroed, but always winding: Stefan De Vrij (Lazio) and Josè Maria Gimenez (Atletico Madrid). Both are expiring the contract in June. Both are young (25 and 22) but they have an important international experience and they are pillows of the respective national teams.

The Dutch is always been on the notebooks of Ausilio but the the continuing injuries and the exaggerated requests of Lotito had postponed each speech. Today Stefan is undecided whether to renew and accept the money offered by Tare, with the consciousness that every small accident of annoyance may turn away the claimants, or wait the continuing of the season and playing an important championship to receive rich offers from English and Italian big teams.

The factors that can approach Inter in the case of a missed accord of the player with Lazio are two. The first is about the qualification in Champions which is a necessary condition for any breakthrough. The second is his attorney: Alex Kroes, of the Sport Entertainment Group. He is the agent of numerous Dutch players including: Depay, Strootman, Van Persie, Vermaelen and Afellay. All these players finished in the list of Sabatini when he was the sport director of Roma.

So, it is logic thinking that the supervisor of Suning has a prime position.
However, Walter is not a discounted man and he does not often like superficial things. So, he keeps always alive the interest for the Uruguayan Gimenez. He is considered as a top future and since this season he has the community status. In the last session of market Sabatini had already started the contacts with the entourage of the defender, because he knew that the player had the desire to change and to find a holder place. The stop to the market of Atletico and the request of Simeone to not sell any other player obviously changed everything. It is obvious that now there is the queue for the Uruguayan. Mostly there are English and Spanish clubs.

So, now there is nothing but waiting for the developments. For the next season, with the possibility of Champions League, Inter wants to side by side with Skriniar another young top player and so it will form the holder couple of the next 10 years. Obviously with the age of 33/34 years old Miranda cannot handle many commitments. As it was said by Ausilio, Inter does not just but for the taste of doing it and so it is explained because the company did not give up for the 4,5 millions of Mustafi at the end of August.


They want only youth, strong and, above all, honored to dress the Nerazzurri jersey players.
There is not another way.

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