MI Exclusive: Inter at the pace of the Europe big ones in a short time, this the financial plan of Suning


The financial plan of Suning

One of the big rebus around Inter is the one linked to the financial aspects, the great majority of Nerazzurri fan has not clear what are the plans of Suning for the Milanese club. The reason why Zhangs have spent so much money for CandrevaJoao Mario and Gabigol and slow down significantly in the course of the months.

The editorial staff of Mondo-Inter wanted to go deep in the affair, asking to the society internal voices that are mainly employed in the financial management of the choice. This is the economic plan of Inter.

Compared to the first months of management, Suning had an awareness referred to the actual system of European soccer. Plus there are limits which still exist with the financial fair play. Inter has a deal with UEFA which expects a settlement agreement and it managed to respect the parametres to the 30 of June. Now it wants to reach the budget balance for the balance’s closure of 2018. This is the target and if it will be reached, Inter will be free from this limits.
The Zhang‘s group is sure to achieve the season target, the Champions’ qualification, with the actual roster and some adding in the transfer-market of January. In this way it will be possible to take the financial commitment further.

With the entrance in the major competition it will not only enter 50 million for the partecipation, but also it be do pressure on the other existant contracts of sponsorship. Suning is a company of an annual revenue of 50 billions, so it will be not a problem to spend 100 or 200 million for Inter. The point is that, after two years of experience of Inter‘s management, the Zhang are convinced they have taken the right way.
Till now internal group sponsorships have been brought that have yielded 60 million of euros, a limit amount in front of the achieved sports results which has let Inter to prevent the budget balance of the last exercise. With improved results and, we hope, with the Champions’ qualification starting from the next season Inter will see that amount soar.
In this way the colossus of Nanchino will guarantee to Inter purchases and engagements at the pace of the European big ones remaining in the limits of the UEFA rules. For example, the sponsorship of Pinetina now yield a little bit more amount of 20 million, in the future it will sore until 50 million with the entrance in Champions League.

The diktat of Suning are clarity and results, there is not another way to came back great.

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