MI Exclusive – Pistocchi: “Spalletti is the right man. The VAR? In my opinion…”


Maurizio Pistocchi interviewed exclusively

The editorial staff of Mondo-Inter contacted by telephone the famous commentator Maurizio Pistocchi.

Rizzoli (a very important Italian referee) said that 6 minutes to decree the penalty for Inter are too many. What do you think about the use of the VAR?

Rizzoli is right: 6 minutes are too many. It would be worse an error on an episode of this importance. The system needs to be calibrated, we are only at the third match of the season. It is necessary to speed up the capacity of an intervention of the VAR.
If we look at the first three games his use avoid almost 15/16 arbitrary errors. Of course the VAR is a very good invention. They have to be careful to not interrupt the rhythm of the match in a excessive way. In my opinion, on an episode like that the intervention times are in the order of the minute.
Unfortunately, the employee of the VAR was one of the worse referee in Italy. When there is failing people the issues are highlighted.”

Spalletti has already given a clue to the team. Where can Inter arrive this year?

As I already said this summer, Spalletti is a big coach. When he was in Rome he revitalized Dzeko who, the past year, signed only 4 goal. With him he scored 29 goals. The mister with Roma realized 155 points (an average of 2,34 per match) with a team which was coming from a very negative period. His playing footprint is already visible: it only have to be perfected something on the defense level. Miranda is too often inattentive or out of his position. In my opinion it is missed a player like Schick behind Icardi. If I was an Inter fan, he would be my bigger regret.”

Differences between Inter and Milan

Milan outclassed by the game of Lazio. What is missing to the Rossoneri cousins?

Milan outclassed on the results plan. On the game plan Milan was never dangerous when they had the game in the hand during the first part of the match. They demonstrated that they have a big defensive fragility. With 11 players it is necessary to work on the harmony.
Montella needs to have clear ideas on how he wants to set up this team. I think that he has to play with 3-4-1-2. Everyone says that the arrangement is relatively important and counts the attitude.
In the 60’s Gianni Brera was convinced that Facchetti was a perfect central forward. Herrera pleased him, he made him play as a first striker and he didn’t touch the ball. The disposition is important.
The cleverness of some coaches is the capacity to understand what are the fundamental characteristics of the players and put them in the right position.”

What player can do the difference in Inter?

In the individuality, Inter has very important players: Skriniar in the defensive part, Gagliardini, Borja Valero and Vecino in the midfield, Icardi as a striker. This players make the difference. To Nerazzurri is missing something.
If I was Spalletti I would look for Nicola Zaniolo, 99’s class, 1.89 mt. I saw the match of the young sector against Udinese and he made me an extraordinary impression. Physically and technically is on another lever. If I was the coach of Certaldo I would look in my house.
It would also be an idea to try Candreva as an offensive midfielder: he already played in that position and he has the qualities to do it. The alternatives are Joao Mario and Marcelo Brozovic. Both have some weakness: the Portuguese is complete but he is missing the goal. The Croatian can do everything but he almost never wants to do it.
Technically is perfect but he does not want. When the ball is in the hand of the opponents he often looks at it without come back. In the present football there is not a single player in the world who can allow himself to look at the opponents when they have the ball.”

The editorial staff thanks Maurizio Pistocchi for the disponsability.

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